Cthulhu Dreams 2

Yesterday I was Sister Maria…now I guess I’m just Maria.

No, I still believe in God. But now I believe in something else, too.

I don’t remember what happened. When they found me, I was writing a story, they said. I don’t know what it’s about, I don’t remember writing it. After the third one went mad, they stopped trying to read it. I’m afraid to open the notebook.

They’re saying I just wandered away from the convent, but I think I was kidnapped. I think something hit me in my head, or they drugged me…not just because of the memory loss. I’ve gone kind of color-blind, too. See, this was my favorite yellow notebook, but now it’s just grey to me…

It’s an odd coincidence. The title of my story, you can see here…it’s called The King in Yellow. I wonder what it’s about…

What’s that piece of grey cloth you’re holding? Is it important?

Cthulhu Dreams 2

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