Cthulhu Dreams 1

I don’t know how many groups there are. One of them is trying to kill me. Well…both of them are trying to, kind of. But one of them is trying to kill me for my own good.

I really thought I was safe this time. I went to sleep on the floor behind the couch with a dummy under the blankets. I left an honest-to-god bear trap on the floor in front of the locked front door, and I have a loaded shotgun in my hands. But they still got in. It’s like they can walk through walls.

Okay, that sounds like I’m going nuts…but she told me it’s still not enough. There no longer is any such thing as too paranoid.

I wonder if the two conspiracies are really the same thing. If she’s just playing with me before she reveals herself.

Tonight I somehow realized, not just on the surface but as an emotional truth in the back of my lizard brain – it’s not a question of “if” they’re going to kill me. It’s just a question of “when”. They will never stop trying. Sooner or later, I have to make a mistake.

She takes the gun away from the back of my neck and tells me she wants me to meet someone. My new partner. A nun.

Before she leaves, she hands me a piece of yellow cloth. She says I should keep an eye on it. Whatever that means.

Cthulhu Dreams 1

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