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So, some Facebook friends saw me mention that I’d submitted some stories to the annual Boise Weekly Fiction 101 contest, and asked to see my work.

You’re probably not going to see those stories here or anywhere, because I didn’t think they were really that great.  (Boise Weekly apparently agrees with me.)  However, there is no good reason that I don’t occasionally share some of the stuff I’m working on.

So I tried to throw together a blog, and here it is.  I’ll stick short bits of stuff here once in a while, especially stuff I don’t plan to try to submit anywhere.

The first piece, which I stuck up right before this notice, is related to a novella thing I wrote, called Grey Planet.

Grey Planet is the first installment of something I wanted to be a kind of serial or pulp story, with larger-than-life heroes having weird, mostly-unrelated adventures.  It’s actually kind of finished, but it’s currently sitting in limbo because I suspect that no one, anywhere, is interested in publishing a novella-length anything, and I’m trying to write a couple more installments and submit the whole group as something novel-length.

Anyway, the basic premise is a very boring guy whose name is not really John and his nameless, dimension-hopping kidnapper, a strange white-haired woman who may or may not really be an angel.  It’s heavily inspired by several things, the most obvious of which will probably be Doctor Who and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I’d like to think it’s at least vaguely original.

This piece, “All I Wanna Do”, might fit between Grey Planet and its sequel Red Angel in some timeline in the Polyverse.  It doesn’t really fit anywhere in ours if you care about things like continuity.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.  I reserve the right to delete anything I decide is off-the-rails inappropriate.

(Edit: I’m new to WordPress but it looks like the easiest way to browse right now is going to be via that menu thing on the right.)



About This

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